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About Feelogical

Feelogical is combination word of Feeling & Logic. From ancient times to modern era, humans reach success only when their heart is aligned with their mind. Both powers of heart (ideas & emotions) and powers of mind (reasoning & action) are necessary ingredients for success. This makes Feelogical the simplest and shortest formula for success.  

About Feelogical Training

“If you don't arouse the heart, you can't engage the mind.” That’s the learning law on which Feelogical Trainings are based upon and that’s how we turn ordinary training sessions into transformational learning experiences. Feelogical believe in inspiring the learners first to avoid wasting the information and applying it for optimum return on training investment. We focus on providing opportunities, activities, and ideas that enable participants to “discover” the learning points for themselves. Instead of engaging in “Instructional Design” learners will get engaged in “Discovery Design.”

Signature Training Program

Other Corporate Training Programs

  • Feelogical Selling System

  • Feelogical Leadership System

  • Feelogical Performance Management System - Competency Framework Based

  • Feelogical Ethical Management System
  • Feelogical Time Management System

  • Feelogical Stress Management System

  • Feelogical Goal Management System

  • Feelogical Presentology System

  • Feelogical Personal Effectiveness System

  • Feelogical Managerial Effectiveness System

  • Feelogical Interpersonal Communications System

  • Feelogical Decision Making System

  • Feelogical Problem Solving System

  • Feelogical Online Marketing System

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